The modern way to create a design proposal

Coco Proof gives designers the ability to create and share design proposals with ease.



Create as many proposals as you like and easly keep track of them



"Coco Proof is designed to help with creating proposal and easly access them from any device. With no limitations to the amount of proposals which is handy especially when you're a freelancer."

Hugh Chigorimbo

Freelance Designer


Easly share your proposal with clients

Your published proposals are accessible from the web on any device.



"Im currently working on adding a few features to improve the experience. Among those is making sure you can share the proposal with team members. So please note this is still in beta and will be revealed soon."

Hugh Chigorimbo

Freelance Designer


Working on making it work for you

This was originaly made to help me automise creating and submiting proposals to clients, I'm working on adding more functionality to the system. You're morethan welcome to suggest features that you would like to see. The following are features that are currently being worked on.

Add Team Members

The ability for team members to collaborate on the proposals together.

Autosave On Input

Once you finish typing and adding an item to your list, the data will automaticaly save and update.

Personalised Branding

You can add your own branding in order to make the proposal personal to your company style.

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